Saturday, August 12, 2017

The BATs Board of Directors Statement on Charlottesville. 

The Board of the Directors for The Badass Teachers Association (BATs), a national education activist organization, strongly condemns the march of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia yesterday. As educators, parents, community members, and activists we strongly condemn the racist, anti-Jewish, anti-LGBT, and anti-immigrant positions of these white supremacists. We will stand up, and we demand others do the same, to white supremacy in our schools and our communities.
“We are greatly saddened and equally frightened by the events unfolding in Virginia. But let us not be remiss. For people of color, from the First Peoples to the Africans brought over in chains, this has been our reality for as long as there has been the United States. The mere unmasking of this aggravated violence in action and words by elements in this country should serve as the undeniable wake-up call to Americans that we do not live in a post racial world. Instead, prudence dictates that we move in a direction that accounts for the reality we inhabit and teach our children, the future, how to make a better world.” ~ Gus Morales, Board of Director Member
“These horrific events have been allowed to happen because of our refusal to confront and address issues of white supremacy and the agenda that people who have adopted this rhetoric as their own. Right now, the president himself is a personification of the systems we continuously allow with our complicit silence.” ~ Melissa Tomlinson, Assistant Executive Director
“As a mother, educator, and activist the events in Charlottesville are beyond disgusting and disturbing. I am calling on every parent, educator, lawmaker, and national activist to condemn the March of Hate that occurred yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia. ~Marla Kilfoyle, Executive Director
“As educators, we have an obligation to teach our students the history of racism in our nation as well as show them the impact of institutional racism. The hate speech witnessed in Charlottesville is experienced across this country on a daily basis by our black and brown brothers and sisters. The President of the United States has condoned this behavior emboldening hate speech to a fervor. Educators must speak out against this and stand silent no more. We must present a unified front to stop the growth of a fascist state.” Jamy Brice-Hyde, Director BATs Quality of Work Life
"It is time for white people to look at what is happening in Charlottesville. Really SEE it. See the hate and see the bigotry and see the overt racism. It is time to stand up for the rights so many marched for. It is past time that we speak out. Our brothers and sisters will not endure this alone. WE MUST be with them." ~Becca Ritchie, Chair NEA BAT Caucus
"Charlottesville and domestic terrorism is the result of the emboldenment of Nazi, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBT, fascist white supremacists, some of whom work in the White House at public expense- Bannon, Gorka, Miller. This is not only about Trump, but he has fanned the flames for years, and built his campaign and administration around white supremacy. This is not "both sides" responsible for hatred as he described it. When he said "we should cherish our history" that was a dog whistle to those racists fighting to keep confederate monuments. The police response is evidence of white privilege. Imagine if it was Muslim or Black Lives Matter protesters- the tear gas would be flowing. Meanwhile, racists with assault weapons parade around and act in violence with police protection." ~Terry Kalb, Director BATs Special Education Steering Committee"
"It cannot be made any plainer than David Duke's statement. There is no longer anywhere to hide and/or dissemble about those who voted for Trump, or Republican Conservatives who claim the Alt-Reich are not one of them. They own it and if people are serious about social justice, they have to own it as well." ~Wilma de Soto, Board of Director Member
The Board of Directors of the Badass Teachers Association is committed to standing strong against white supremacy both in our classrooms and in our communities. “We can’t let hate have the first word, we can’t let hate have the loudest word, we can’t let hate have the last word.”~Reverend Barber 


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