Thursday, August 3, 2017

BATs Stand With NAACP Report Calling For Ban On All For-Profit Charter Schools

The Badass Teachers Association (BATs), a national education activist organization, stands in strong solidarity with a new report by the National Association for Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) calling for a ban on all for-profit charter schools. To read the full report please go here:…/…/2017/07/Task_ForceReport_final2.pdf

The report states: “No federal, state, or local taxpayer dollars should be used to fund for-profit charter schools, nor should public funding be sent from nonprofit charters to for-profit charter management companies.”

Moreover, the report makes several common sense suggestions including that local communities have more control over authorizing charter schools, charter schools should have increased transparency and accountability, charter schools should admit all students who apply, charter schools should work to keep difficult students enrolled and that they should be required to hire only certified teachers – just like their traditional public school counterparts.

We also applaud the report for highlighting one of the largest difficulties with traditional public schools – systemic disinvestment. The report argues that “to solve the quality education problems that are at the root of many of the issues, school finance reform is essential to ensure that resources are allocated according to student needs.”

“As a teacher and parent in a community that has been inundated with charter schools, I am thankful that the NAACP took the time to examine the issue carefully. Communities are being segregated and outside interests, with their eyes on making profit from public education money, are critical issues facing many cities in this country. Thank you, NAACP!” says Tina Andres, member of BATS Steering Committee.

"The latest move by the NAACP to dig in even more in their assertion that charter schools must be held to account, is refreshing and welcome in our fight against the efforts to privatize Public Education. Badass Teachers Association (BATs) stands as an ally to any organization ready to challenge a system that disproportionately and negatively affects Black and Brown students as well as those living in poverty." Gus Morales, member of MA BATs and BATs Board of Directors.

"The NAACP has taken the first steps in exposing the devastating divestiture taking place in cities and our poorest communities across the country. From NYC to Cleveland and Chicago to New Orleans to Miami and Los Angeles our most vulnerable children have watched their community schools disappear. Nothing charter schools do supports the sense of community needed to address the single most underlying issue hindering student success and that is poverty. Thank you NAACP for listening and protecting our most vulnerable communities. No profits should be made on the backs of poor communities under the guise of choice." Jamy Brice Hyde, NY, Director - BATs Quality of WorkLife Team

"A long overdue objective evaluation of the charter school phenomenon and its negative impact on the communities and populations. A sober condemnation and much needed exposé done by contrasting the charter school proponents' professed intentions against the outcomes." Sergio Flores, CA, member BATs Board of Directors

The NAACP report is a fair and balanced look at our public schools – both charters and traditional districts – and some of the reforms that are necessary to truly provide the best possible education to all students.

We want to thank the NAACP for always taking a leadership role in doing what is right for children, equality, and equity. Please join The Network for Public Education in sending the NAACP a Thank You email – go here…/breaking-naacp-cal…/

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