Monday, August 28, 2017

BATs Board of Directors Statement on Hurricane Harvey, the Pardon of Arpaio, and Banning Transgender People from the Military.

The Board of Directors of Badass Teachers Association wishes to acknowledge the natural and presidential disasters that occurred this week.  We send our wishes for the safety and comfort of the people in Texas bearing the brunt of Hurricane Harvey, and hope they stay out of harm’s way. We condemn the presidential pardon of Joseph Arpaio, and the banning of transgendered citizens from serving in our military. With these actions, President Trump has endorsed both institutional racism and bigotry, and shown complete disdain for the rule of law and the equal rights granted by our Constitution.

The children of our nation deserve strong, positive role models. President Trump has made the nation less safe for our children, and all of our citizens, with his continued support of racists and fascists. He has also attacked our transgendered service members. These fine Americans put country before their own lives and are repaid by a Commander-in-Chief who ignores the 14th Amendment, refusing to recognize transgender service members’ equal protection under the law.  All of this occurring on a day when our nation's leaders should have been focused on the state of Texas. BATs extend our support to the communities in Texas suffering catastrophic losses from hurricane Harvey.

"The latest action by President Trump shows complete disdain for the rule of law and furthers the commitment by our Commander-in-Chief to ally himself with bigots while doing everything in his power to make life difficult for the rest of us. Indeed, the Trump Presidency has been an infinite search for rock bottom with no end in sight." ~Steven Singer, Director BATs Blogging/Research

“There have been 160 hangings in Arapaio’s jails which have cost Maricopa County over a hundred million to litigate and compensate. Arpaio called his jails "concentration camps." Arpaio tortured inmates, housing people awaiting trial in tents in 130 degree heat, so hot their shoes melted. He shackled and chained women in childbirth, he set up a webcam in a women’s bathroom. He failed to investigate sexual abuse of young children citing costs, yet had money to investigate Obama’s “Kenyan” birth. These abuses are well documented in the Phoenix New Times, and in the Arizona and Federal courts.  If we don't speak out every time, our silence is our consent.” ~Terry Kalb, Co-Director BATs Special Education Committee

Another of our Directors insightfully shared, “ I know people will disagree with me but as a person of color Trump was right. Arpaio was doing his job. The purpose of the police is to harass people of color, particularly Blacks. Ever since they functioned as Slave Patrols, Slave Catchers and morphed into the protectors of White Society after the emancipation of former Slaves, that is what their role is.I know people may be in denial about that, but I declare fully this is what the situation is and has been in this country. The outrage about this latest stroke Trump has pulled, can on its surface seem a bit disingenuous since people of color have been shouting about police oppression since time immemorial to unheeding minds.”

"The pardon of former Sheriff Arpaio was a blatant, overt signal to the white nationalist, neo-nazis, hate groups supporters that violent, abusive, sadistic actions against 'the others' would be supported by the 45th President of the United States. America, a pluralistic society, #EPluribusUnum, as a society takes care of each other. When one of us is in need, we are all in need. Therefore, through the Grace of God go I." ~ Roberta Reid, Co-Director BATs Social Justice Committee

The Badass Teachers Association  condemns these actions by the President, and most especially during a time when the full focus of our government should be on the safety and well being of the people who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey.  We send our deepest thoughts of safety to the people of Texas and encourage those in our network to help them in whatever way possible.

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