Thursday, August 3, 2017

I Want My Child's Classroom Changed by Dr. Marcus Jackson

Dear Parents:

As we begin the 2017-2018 school year, I would like to touch on one of the most common request of a parent to the principal in the first few weeks of school. This request is "I want my child's classroom changed." Allow me to explain a few things. Preparing classroom rosters is a collaborative effort amongst all staff members and administrators in the building. This process begins in the spring and can take several weeks, or go well into the summer.

There are many contributing factors that go into creating a classroom roster. The personality of the student and teacher, the involvement level of the parents, the personalities of the parents, how many students are receiving exceptional services, the amount of students who are being pulled out for small group instruction, how many boys and girls are in the class, the academic levels of the students (don't want all of the low performing students in one class), which students had a tough time getting along with specific students the previous year, and at times, which kids socialize more when they're around specific students. Again, this process can take several weeks to complete.

Therefore, when you make this request, not only does it affect your child and the teacher's classroom they're moving to, but it also affects the schedule of other students receiving services, the schedule of the support for teachers providing interventions for your child and others, the culture of the new class, and may have an effect on the teachers schedule itself.

In conclusion, I always suggest for parents to do a few things before requesting for their child's teacher to be changed.
1.) Meet with the teacher with an open mind to voice your concern. Be very specific.
2.) Understand that in elementary school we're preparing children to be able to adapt to multiple teachers with multiple personalities. This is what they’ll see in middle school. This is excellent for the social development of the child.
3.) Establish a communication plan with the teacher in regards to providing updates on the area of concern.
4.) Most importantly, understand that we have the same goal and that is for your child to receive a world class education, in a safe and nurturing environment, and for them to reach their full potential.

Parents I just wanted to inform you on the dynamics of creating classrooms. The requests have a MAJOR domino effect on EVERYTHING. Just wanted to share some knowledge on this request.

Dr. J- Principal in Atlanta

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