Monday, September 12, 2016

The Common Core Detective: For Those That Seek the TRUTH
by John Sheffield, Member of the BAT Research/Blog Steering Committee and a NY BAT
originally published Friday, November 6, 2015:
This was written as a response to someone who only seemed to have one side of the story....if even that. I respectfully must say that the only propaganda in this is that of the gov't and the common core proponents. 
* They cannot back up their claims of college and career ready with research because they have none.
* Their claim of America falling behind other countries as measured by international tests...the PISA .... is based on manipulated data. Truth be told when you compare apples to apples we are kicking the tails of many of the nations that are supposedly "beating" us.
* Their claim that the standards were internationally bench marked is also false...CC proponents have now admitted that was not the case.
* In NYS the growth "formula" has been proven to be invalid and if your kid shows good growth that is all fine and dandy if you are happy that your child's GOOD or BAD growth is based on a severely flawed statistic.
* To this day the greatest indicator of college success, or failure, is the students HS course work grades....not test scores. As a matter of fact many colleges are hardly even paying attention to the test scores as the be all and end all anymore.
* I personally have a problem with a gov't, both at the state and local levels, that pushed this upon ALL of us using bribes, threats, and coercion...if CC was so great why was it shrouded in such secrecy? 
* Perhaps the secrecy was due to the fact that it was thrown together with little or NO educator input, by people with ZERO background in education and/or childhood development, NEVER piloted, never scrutinized by accepted practices and procedures, and thrust upon our nation’s children as a some sort of grand experiment.
* Every, and I mean EVERY major group that has come out in support of CC has received Gates Money, Broad money, Walton Money....but mostly Gates' $$$...given money to push the CC. Again Ia sk, if it is so wonderful why the need for all this cash to push it...if it was as great as CC proponents claim it is a product that should have sold itself.
* If your child is excelling then that is fantastic. If that is the case they probably would have flourished no matter what....but the majority of our children do not fit the cookie cutter mold...nor should is contrarian to the ideals our nation was founded upon. 
* It is a parent's right to refuse these NYS Assessments...period. The districts that have told parents that they cannot refuse the tests have simply outright lied to them and betrayed their trust. If you choose to have your child take the test that IS YOUR RIGHT also....I am sure where your children are concerned you wish to be informed completely on both sides of the issue so you are open minded enough and intelligent enough to dig a little deeper on your own where your child is concerned.
I hope you take the time to read the essays and watch the videos at the links I provided below. 
Respectfully Submitted,
John D. Sheffield

VAM (Value Added Measure): Voodoo, Alchemy, and Magic
The Six Main Tenets of the 1979 Founding of FedEd: Signposts Ignored on the Roadmap of Public Education
Oh, just in case you wonder what side our Governor in NY is really on: "Andrew Mark Cuomo: The Unraveling Web of Deceit"
If you want a break from reading the majority of these videos (all but the last 2) are 5 to 11 minutes in length. The last 2 videos are approximately 23 minutes and 40 minutes respectively. ( I also included a blog link at the very end.)

Off the Cuff; CommonCore process we don't need no stinking process:
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Gee here's a surprise...Obama and Duncan violated a Supreme Court Precedent...and here is proof:
Parent Advocate given floor at Central NY Board of Ed Meeting:
AND LASTLY in case you are tired of me, "Don't Drink The Common Core Kool Aid:"
Additionally, I also suggest you read some at this blog:

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