Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Join BATs in Promoting the Education Platform of Journey for Justice
Week of 9/19-9/26

Please join BATs on Twitter, Facebook, and on the ground in LI, NY as we support the amazing education platform of Journey for Justice.  See the platform here  http://www.j4jalliance.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/J4J_Final_Education_Platform.pdf

Journey for Justice will be coming to Long Island, NY for the first Presidential Debate in a day of events.  If you are on LI please join and support this amazing grassroots organization.  Here is the event flyer with information http://www.j4jalliance.com/j4justicerubbermeetstheroad/

Our hope is to tweet all week leading up to the event 9/19-9/25 all day everyday!
On Sept. 26th we want to really tweet during the event which is all day and through the Presidential Debates to be held at 9 p.m. EST.  The #PresidentialDebates hashtag will be trending and if we can get #J4JedNation on it as well folks will look at it and give it more exposure.  The Presidential candidates need to meet with J4J representatives. 

First, please support this Thunderclap with your Twitter Account and Facebook Account.  It is due to go off on the morning of the 26th and we want to make sure that we get a HUGE reach on social media to draw attention to this platform.  Support using this link  https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/47281-equity-in-public-ed-now

#J4JedNation   #PresidentialDebate (especially use on the 26th ) - key times 9 p.m. EST until debates are over.  Tweet to 

General Tweets leading up to the day (9/19-9/26) of the event and on the day of the event – tag the folks above (some tweets need to be reduced to fit 142 characters)

#J4JedNation demands moratorium on school privatization    #PresidentialDebate

#J4JedNation demands fed funding for 10,000 sustainable commty schools   #PresidentialDebate

#J4JedNation demands end to zero tolerance policies in ed NOW   #PresidentialDebate

#J4JedNation demands natl equity assessment  #PresidentialDebate

#J4JedNation demands a stop on the attack of teachers of color   #PresidentialDebate

#J4JedNation  demands end 2 state takeovers, mayoral control & appted school brds  #PresidentialDebate

#J4JedNation demands an end to over-reliance on stand. Tests in pub. ed.    #PresidentialDebate

#J4JedNation – “lack of equity is 1 of the major failures of U.S. ed system.”   #PresidentialDebate

#J4JedNation “we do not have failing schools, we have in fact been filed”   #PresidentialDebate

@HillaryClinton @DrJillStein @RealDonald Trump time 4 a real ed convo w/ @brothajitu @j4j_USA #J4JedNation   #PresidentialDebate

Here is the link to their education document that you can attach to the tweets above. 

Tweet to Lester Holt  @LesterHoltNBC all week 9/19-9/26 with tweets he  needs to ask the candidates.  Tweet all week leading up to the event and on day of the event. (some tweets need to be reduced to fit into 142 characters)

@lesterholtNBC ask @HillaryClinton @DrJillStein @RealDonald Trump about need 4 moratorium on school privatization   #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebate

@lesterholtNBC ask @HillaryClinton @DrJillStein @RealDonald Trump about  fed funding for 10,000 sustainable commty schools     #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebate

@lesterholtNBC ask @HillaryClinton @DrJillStein @RealDonald Trump about  end to zero tolerance policies in ed NOW   #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebate

@lesterholtNBC ask @HillaryClinton @DrJillStein @RealDonald Trump about natl equity assessment    #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebate

@lesterholtNBC ask @HillaryClinton @DrJillStein @RealDonald Trump about the push out of teachers of color in ed #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebate

@lesterholtNBC ask @HillaryClinton @DrJillStein @RealDonald Trump about ending  2 state takeovers, mayoral control & appted school brds     #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebate

@lesterholtNBC ask @HillaryClinton @DrJillStein @RealDonald Trump about ending over-reliance on stand. tests in pub. ed  #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebate

@lesterholtNBC ask @HillaryClinton @DrJillStein @RealDonald Trump about lack of equity in pub. ed. funding  #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebate

@lesterholtNBC ask @HillaryClinton @DrJillStein @RealDonald Trump to comment about K-12 ed for black and brown children   #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebate

@lesterholtNBC ask @HillaryClinton @DrJillStein @RealDonald Trump about the attack on pub. ed in communities of color  #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebate

Tweet to NY Media 9/19-9/26 so that they show up to the J4J events to be held throughout the day on Sept. 26th – 


@HillaryClinton @DrJillStein @RealDonaldTrump  need 2 talk about pub. ed. #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebates ((attach event flyer below & tag media))

Come check out why @j4j_USA wants #PresidentialDebates 2 address ed equity ((attach flyer below of the day & tag media))

Why isn’t K-12 pub. ed an issue 4 Pres. Candidates? #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebates  ((tag media and insert flyer below))

#J4JedNation wants #PresidentialDebates to address issue of K-12 pub. ed. & ed equity ((tag media & insert flyer below))

#J4JedNation wonders if  #PresidentialDebates will address K-12 pub. ed. – all about our kids (tag media and insert flyer below))

NY media come check out #J4JedNation today ((attach event flyer below & tag media)) #PresidentialDebates

@J4J_USA coming from all over nation to address ed equity – 411 NY media (tag media &  attach flyer below)       #J4JedNation #PresidentialDebates

@J4J_USA landing on LI & wondering will the #PresidentialDebates address ed equity? #J4JedNation (tag media and attach flyer below)

#PresidentialDebates need to address ed equity in K-12 pub. ed. #J4JedNation (tag media – attach flyer below)

Using Facebook all week 
Also leading up to the day of the event post on their Facebook pages
Post on Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein, and Donald Trumps Facebook pages the flyer attached for J4J Ed demands – use the two hashtags as well.  Post questions for Lester Holt on his Facebook page.  You cannot post a new post on the page but you can post in the comments section. Post the flyer of their demands plus this link  http://www.j4jalliance.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/J4J_Final_Education_Platform.pdf


NEWS RELEASE                                                      MEDIA  CONTACT:   Jitu Brown
For Immediate Release                                                                                   773-317-6343
September 15, 2016                                                                              www.j4jalliance.com

Thousands expected to demonstrate @ Sept. 26th presidential debate in protest of public education cuts in African American and Latino communities across the nation
“It matters to me who becomes the next U.S. Education Secretary…”

CHICAGO – A national coalition of parents, students, teachers and activists have vowed to travel to Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, on Monday, September 26th, and join with thousands of other people who will protest the first presidential debate due to cuts in public education and the impact on students of color.  Activists, led by the Journey for Justice Alliance, have demanded Democratic nominee Sec. Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump release their respective K-thru-12 education platforms and meet with school leaders prior squaring off.

A coalition led by the Journey for Justice Alliance (J4JA) with more than 40,000 members from 24 cities across the US is galvanizing. Organizers say they will release a seven-point platform that tackles school privatization, the school-to-prison pipeline, standardized testing and a myriad of other failed education interventions that have led to massive school closings, charter proliferation and other schemes that have not improved education outcomes in urban communities.

“Our voices have been locked out of any discussion about public education during the race to the White House,” said Jitu Brown, national director J4JA. “Both Clinton and Trump have closed their ears to those of us who have protested, boycotted, waged hunger and teacher strikes demanding an end to corporate education interventions that have devastated students and schools.”

“Clinton, Trump and (Green Party candidate) Jill Stein have all been eerily silent on the impact of these bad policies  and school-based cuts that have harmed African American and Latino students the most—yet they continue to campaign in our neighborhoods in search of our support,” said Brown. The award-winning activist gained national attention as the organizer and participant in a 34-day hunger strike to save Dyett High School in Chicago which forced Mayor Rahm Emanuel to abandon his plans to destroy the school.

Added Natasha Capers, public school parent from the New York City Coalition for Education Justice, “We intend to gather that morning in a national forum on what’s been happening to us in our respective communities,” she said. “There is massive charter proliferation in New York despite the fact that research shows charters do not improve education outcomes. It matters to me who becomes the next U.S. Education Secretary.”

The Alliance will release a national public education platform which calls for a moratorium on school privatization; federal funding for 10,000 sustainable community schools; an end to zero tolerance policies; national equity in assessments; an end to the attack Black educators  who are being terminated from urban school districts in record numbers; an end of state takeovers of trouble school districts where there is only mayoral control and appointed school boards; and, an elimination of the over reliance on standardized tests in public schools.

Parents and teachers have repeatedly lobbied law makers in their opposition to the destruction of community schools at the expense of publicly-funded, privately operated charter schools and over testing.

​“Where do the candidates stand on standardized testing and how those scores are tired to teacher evaluation,” said Nikkisha Napoleon, a public school parent in New Orleans. “Children in New Orleans have been devastated by racist education experimentation—and we’ve also seen a loss of African-American teachers in our city. Why is this happening in places like Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit? I’m angry that people who live in our neighborhoods, have a history with our children and understand our culture are being driving out of our schools. Where do the candidates stand on the loss of veteran Black and Latino teachers?”

Added, Hiram Rivera, a public school parent and director of the Philadelphia Student Union.  “This is a movement for justice and equity in this country. Black and Brown people are united in fighting to make our schools matter, our lives matter and to have our voices heard. We are tired of handshakes and photo ops. We are tired of school closings, privatization schemes and the disinvestment in our neighborhoods. Clinton and Trump need to be held accountable—before they take the oath of office. I’m going to Hempstead because we have to make our voices heard.”

The Journey for Justice Alliance (J4J) (www.j4jalliance.org) is a national network of inter-generational, grassroots community organizations led primarily by Black and Brown people in 24 U.S. cities. With more than 40,000 active members, we assert that the lack of equity is one of the major failures of the American education system. Current U.S. education policies have led to states' policies that lead to school privatization through school closings and charter school expansion which has energized school segregation, the school-to-prison pipeline; and has subjected children to mediocre education interventions that over the past 15 years have not resulted in sustained, improved education outcomes in urban communities.
Journey For Justice Alliance
4242 S. Cottage Grove
Chicago, IL 60653

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