Friday, September 23, 2016

Making Education Great Again: Rally in the Valley

by Karen Wolfe, California BAT activist 

originally published on her YouTube channel She Wolf.

Oh, edu-friends, I wish you could have been in LA-LA-land with me yesterday. That’s what we call Los Angeles, where Hollywood’s influence makes even neighborhood parades over th
e top. 

This time, it was a charter schools rally in the Los Angeles Unified School District! It’s an important time for the charter lobby to show public officials that everybody loves charters because there’s a charter transparency bill on Governor Brown’s desk that would be an inconvenient law for charters. And the LAUSD school board has been exercising a little more oversight than the charters are comfortable with. There are more scandals than ever hitting the headlines. They’ve GOT to retake control of the narrative! What better way than a rally?

Sometimes, the absurdity of charter PR makes it hard to keep a straight face. So I didn’t even try. 

Here’s a video that pokes fun at the ridiculousness of it all.

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