Saturday, May 30, 2015

I'm a good teacher but that doesn't matter
By: Anonymous BAT

Tonight was graduation for the high school I work at. I was asked by a few of my senior students to be the person who hands them their diploma on stage. It is such an honor that they chose me over anyone else, especially since this is only my 3rd year in the school and I wasn't even there for their entire high school experience.

Parents tonight thanked me for helping their kid make it through. I received flowers. Graduating seniors, as well as past students, hugged me, thanked me and acknowledged the difference I made to them.

Tonight was a great night. It helped to affirm that what I do everyday matters...that it makes a difference. It reassured me that both students and parents value me as a teacher.
Tonight was also heartbreaking... because due to a corrupt administration, and false evaluations, it is very unlikely that I will be a teacher at this school next year. Although they have until June 15th to let us know, the superintendent let many of us know that we are unlikely to have our contract renewed and be tenured.

I am a good teacher. My students have won many awards. I've been recognized nationally for my teaching. The data that we've been forced to collect has consistently shown a 99% increase when the district goal is to show at least an 80% increase. I've grown a dying program into one in which each of my classes is full and many aren't even able to get into my classes due to space limitations. It isn't because I am easy. There are no easy A's in my classes. Students know it's going to require a lot of time and work but that if they put the time and effort into it, aside from receiving a deserving grade, they will also learn much about the subject, themselves and life.

I am a good teacher. I know it, my students know it, their parents know it and I know administration must know it. But they don't care. I am likely going to lose my job and it has nothing to do with my teaching ability. I am a good teacher and the students deserve to have me as their teacher...and I deserve to be able to teach them.

I'm a good teacher but that doesn't matter...because I'm probably going to lose my job.


  1. I'm so sorry, for you; for the kids; for a society that doesn't value authentic education.

  2. I'm a victim of that myself this year. Good teacher, but I'm not the one the new principal wants in the job. She let me go and hired someone she's known for a while.


    I hope you find a better situation soon.


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