Sunday, May 3, 2015

“I Took a Test” 
by Kate Huff
I cried today, mama. I swear I tried my best. But my head got fuzzy, mama, When I saw that scary test. My teacher hugged me, mama. He said he knew I’d pass, But then he left me, mama. He had to leave the class. I cried today, mama, When the words were jumbled up. I just kept thinking, mama, That I might have to give up. I knew I couldn’t, mama, Because they told me so. They’re counting on me, mama, To show all that I know. But, I cried today, mama, And I’m sorry that I did. The test was long and hard, I must just be stupid. I tried my best, mama, And practiced every day. But some questions they asked me, mama, I really couldn’t say. So, I cried today, mama, Because I think I’m dumb. But I’ll try again tomorrow And I’ll test until I’m numb. My teacher cried too, mama. I’m really not sure why, But I think he worries, mama, And he cries because I cry.

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