Sunday, May 17, 2015


On June 14, 2013 Priscilla Sanstead created the Facebook page Badass Teachers Association.  After a discussion with Mark Naison, Priscilla created the beginnings of the structure of BATs to lead us to where we are today.   We are so glad that she did! 
 For almost 2 years her tireless efforts in running the “mothership” of the BATs organization, the Facebook page, have spawned an active community page with over 22,000 hits, a twitter feed that is fast approaching 20,000 followers, a Pinterest page that has over 5,000 followers, a blog that is fast approaching ½ million hits, and a state of the art website.  Along with Mercy South she created 50 state groups, affinity groups that she visualized so  BATs could go and chat with people in their specialty, and on the ground action that has BATs working hard to save public education in every corner of the country. 

Priscilla is working BATs every single day, and has been for close to 2 years.  She is the quintessential people connector and uses this talent to connect people to join the fight to save public education.   We all owe her enormous debt of gratitude for her volunteerism, her commitment to work BATs every day (7 days a week), her fight for social justice, and her drive to save public education!

Priscilla, BATs CELEBRATE YOU!!!

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