Saturday, February 14, 2015

 The Acceptable Assessment
By:  Gilbert Sarabia  

Your task will simply be to create
A fifteen to twenty line poem
From one of four visual, or aural
Writing prompts.
This exam will be worth
Twenty five points.
There must be
At least four of the following in your exam poem:
Figurative language such as metaphor,
Simile, personification, stanza,
In one of the nine forms defined in class,
Don’t leave out Perfect rhyme, or slant rhyme,
Onomatopoeia, some form of line, and Poetic imagery.
The exam will be worth
Twenty five points.
Should you forgo the use of writing our prompts
And let go, singing from your heart,
If it does not fit the Core Curriculum standards
Your instructor has failed you.
You haven’t learned a thing,
And you will actually be
Off topic.
Good testing to you.
Your exam will be a
Valuable measure of data,
Worth twenty five cents.

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