Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Basketball Buddy

Dunking Duncan has the ball, 
He’s dribbling down the court,
He stops, he fires, up in the air.
Suddenly suburban mom’s kids aren’t so brilliant anymore.
What a punch in their gut,
As he misses his solid shot.
Running down the court again
He does a wicked layup!
And hurricanes are the best thing
For New Orleans schools
Since good old sliced white bread.
Oh, another failed shot.
A rebound and he hits
The backboard, but we fail to recruit
Our smartest college students for teachers,
Or reform resistant unions!
Dunking Duncan on the boards
He’s got to run and gun.
The ball is passed
But it has slid right off this big man’s hand.
A second grader sits in the stands, catching the errant ball.
He hand it back and Duncan says,
On track for college soon my son,
Or else your actually not,
Somewhere in this baffled land some plan is not quite right.
Common Core is crushing youth and bringing forth a blight.
And somewhere schools are testing as parents begin to shout.
There is no gain in learning, Dunking Duncan has fouled out.

Gilbert Sarabia

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