Monday, December 11, 2017

A Tennessee BAT's Message to DeVos by Larry Proffitt

I just finished a blog post entitled, Are There Enough Roots in the Grass 4 a Real Movement? The answer to that question is yes, as evidenced by 4 successful showings of Backpack Full of Cash over the past month.

The answer to that question is yes also, because education is the key to change. We've seen what big money and false education can do, and now it's time to to show what real education is about. It is being done now all around our nation. It is being done now in Tennessee. It's being done by a vast network of educators, parents, students and concerned community members all across our state and nation. And these groups are growing. They are growing and sharing information through social media, through film events and through rallies, much like this one today. It seems many times that fear and intimidation are the tools for which many are forced to stand down. It's done by the changing of laws that weaken teacher protections. It's done by the ongoing threat of withholding much needed funds from school systems.

Well, I say, Secretary DeVos hear this; I say also to all politicians within the sound of our many voices, HEAR THIS! Those who stand before you today cannot be intimidated nor deterred! We are the voices of many and we are growing. We are growing through our teacher's union. We are growing the grassroots movement through groups like my friends the Momma Bears, TREE, Williamson Strong, CAPE, SPEAK, SOCM, and the group which houses members of every group, the Tennessee BATs and Badass Teachers Association. We are 65000 strong, and we refuse to be judged on the failure of our government ever fully and adequately our childrens' schools. We love our children, Secretary DeVos. Hands off! We do not need nationwide, nor here in Tennessee, the ruination caused by you and your family in Michigan.

In other words, we do not need your DeVostating policies here! Our children are not pawns nor toxic testing experiments. And our children sure are not for sale! So, public education warriors, use the greatest weapon we have, education. Tell your neighbor, and have them tell their neighbors. We need a grassroots effort to equal the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s. We need everyone, because this will inevitably affect everyone.

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