Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What I'll Be and What I Am by Brooklyn Lbl

What I'll be and what I am
Is the kind of teacher you will slam
Not because I cannot teach
But because U don't understand how I reach
I don't fit what U may praise and want
I cannot be the person who would greatly haunt
Me if I were 2 convert 2 your style
I cannot teach without a smile
What I'll be and what I am
Is a teacher second but first a black man
Yes there are times that the stakes are high
But U don't determine that it's done by I
And I cannot be frameworked by Danielson
Or anything that is learned in a manual, son
Measuring me by test scores sucks
It's like determining a chicken's future by its clucks
What I'll be and what I am
Is a lifelong learner who doesn't fit your plan
Your thinking is dominated by domains And data
My teaching greets that realm with a "hi, hater!"
Breaking spirits of teachers until minds meld
Won't quiet us all 4 I cannot be quelled
What I'll be and what I am
Is the the kind of teacher U don't understand
U love 2 evaluate people's pedagogy as weak
But academics aren't the only way learning can speak
I've in fact heard it scream through dreams more than tests
I've felt the pulses of hope beat through young chests
My exchange with them is genuine and real
I don't need your approval 2 validate the success we feel
What I'll be and what I am
Is myself a teacher U cannot stand

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