Saturday, January 21, 2017

Why Are They Marching? By: Innocentpoison

Why are they marching this is what the question is on everyone's mind today!
Why are they marching?
To show that things can be accomplished in some other way!
Why are they singing and standing arm in arm?
Why are they speaking, dancing and shouting and willing to come to some harm?
Why are there wives leaving their families and homes?
Why are they shouting in Africa, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Rome?
"We are women, hear us roar" has been tried and we've all heard this rhetoric before?
No, you've missed the message they are trying your heart to implore!
For history has shown that boat rockers will always exist!
And at this moment they are beyond pissed!
Another administration trying to impose their will! Another government, we know the drill!
The peaceful protesters getting louder still,
We want what we are due!
Equal rights, equal treatment, a fair chance not based on the equipment between our legs!
While others drink the nectar we are tired of the dregs!
Oppression! Sublimation! Intimidation! Soon prejudice will fall.
Open the doors, discuss, debate, declare:
"build a bridge not a wall!"
Justice and freedom and love through peace, is the call!
Our children are watching, theirs is the fate we hope to protect and secure
Let not your ignorance and intolerance, the agenda obscure.
Lady liberty shines her light like a beacon over our shores
They want what is theirs , and want to make sure you keep what is yours.
The man who now sits in the office so white
Seems to need a reminder that intolerance just isn't right.Men stand up in battles, swords poised and ready to fight
Women choose the different route, shrouded by night.
Singing, chanting and speaking
Words so powerful, united they stand side by side
Sending the message that love and peace will abide.
Why are they marching is the question on everyone's mind today.
Why are they marching?
To show the world there is another way.
They are not criminals, some are teachers, mothers, lawyers, doctors, your neighbors, your friends
They are pushing to bring hatred to an end.
Their message is clear if you open your heart and hear their call
Justice, love, freedom, equality, peace to all.

copyright, Innocentpoison, 2017
Innnocentpoison is a teacher in a city, somewhere in the US. She is a wife, mother, teacher, "boat rocker", "nasty woman", social justice activist, and supporter of equal rights and justice for all. She believes strongly in the power of the pen and prefers to fight with words as swords.
-innocentpoison, 2017

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