Monday, January 2, 2017

BATs Support Journey for Justice and Network for Public Education Campaigns to Stop Devos

BATs a few weeks ago BATs held a successful social media campaign, call in, petition, and emails to our Senators to tell them to stop Betsy Devos.  NPE circulated a successful email campaign that got over 90,000 letters sent to Senators to tell them stop the Devos nomination.  We must keep up the pressure because the Devos hearing is slated for January 11th.


Please join Journey for Justice #DumpDevos campaign on social media as well as their call in campaign to the HELP committee members.  J4J has a goal of 10,000 calls beginning Jan 4th.  How can you support this campaign?

1.  Join the twitter storm on Jan. 4th.  from 7-8 CST - tell members of the HELP committee on twitter to say NO to Devos.  Here are some tweets that you can send to the twitter account of all the HELP members.  Please do so from 7-8 PM CST during the J4J twitter storm.

2.  Please call members of the HELP committee beginning on  Jan. 5th.  Here are the numbers and script attached.
Please also check in with Journey for Justice for their full event package here

Network for Public Education has gathered the numbers for every Senator.  Please use the attached to once again call your State Senator to tell them to STOP the nomination of DeVos

Thank you to Carol Burris, Executive Director of NPE, for compiling all these numbers and contact info.  Please use it to place your calls this week

Here are some talking points you can use as to why Betsy Devos is BAD for public education.

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  1. Ms. DeVos is going to "sail" to confirmation. I encourage all who are opposed to speak up.