Friday, July 22, 2016

AFT BAT Caucus and NEA BAT Caucus Support Florida Parent Lawsuit Against 3rd Grade Retention

The members of the AFT BAT Caucus and NEA BAT Caucus would like to express their solidarity with the Opt Out Florida Network and the brave parents who are filing a lawsuit on against the Florida Department of Education. The families of third grade students in several Florida counties have received notice that their children will be retained, based not upon past classroom performance, but solely because they opted these students out of the Florida Standards Assessment. The ultimate goal of this lawsuit is to have the statute that claims 3rd grade retention is allowable under these circumstances deemed unconstitutional and unenforceable.

From Opt Out Florida Network:

Accepted research has shown that:

  • Retention is one of the most powerful predictors of high school dropout.
  • Retained students are 2 to 11 times more likely to drop out of high school than peers.
  • Retained students have lower levels of achievement in 11th grade.
  • Retained youth receive lower educational and employment status ratings.
  • Retained students are paid less per hour at age 20.
  • Retention may cause permanent or long-term psychological harm.
  • Short-term improvements in test scores following retention are outstripped by long-term damage from ensuing deficits resulting from retention.
  • The cost of retaining a single third grade student in Florida is $11,000 in tax dollars.
We stand in solidarity with The Opt Out Florida Network and the brave parents who are standing up for their children.  We strongly support their efforts and will be donating to their cause.  Please join us in doing the same. You can donate here

Becca Ritchie, Chair NEA BAT Caucus

Marla Kilfoyle, Chair AFT BAT Caucus


  1. AWESOME!! THANK YOU!!! We need you!

  2. State by state, these hurtful and stupid rulings must be overtuned. Support EVERY group that is fighting for justice, and that is fighting the unfair profiting off our children basically turning them into slaves.


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