Thursday, January 28, 2016


Anonymous post:
Two hard working ENL students took 8 hours to complete the CC ELA yesterday. They needed to use Spanish/English dictionaries throughout. They started at 1:15, and left at 9:15pm, defeated and exhausted. The admins were devasted watching the students suffer. Although the admins did their best to help alleviate the students' stress and discomfort, they could not help but feel guilty for their complicity in the abuse of the most needy students in public education. When the test ended, the two admins went to shake the students' hands for their hard work. The students gave them teary-eyed hugs for caring enough to stay. This test could keep them from graduation. NYSED and Regents; this is on you. This is the cost of snapshots of district test scores that cannot measure what those students' endured. What lesson did those students learn? What achievement gaps are eliminated by these abusive tests? We must do better and cannot if NYSED continues the use of the abusive tests with no alternatives."

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