Saturday, October 3, 2015


BATs has an organized infrastructure that allows it to act quickly and precisely to address the attacks on public education.  We are an organization that has been centrally organized by our Executive Directors and we are run by volunteers who are teachers, parents, retired educators, and higher education professionals.  We are proud of our work and we are thankful for all the support we have received around the nation.

The voices of BATs has always driven the machine of this organization. We will look to our supporters to drive our agenda and to be the army that gets the BAT voice out into mainstream. To accomplish our mission (see the meme) we have an infrastructure that has many voices from the education activist landscape. We are led by a Board of Directors, 2 Executive Directors, and 9 Steering Committee Directors.  We are an organized machine!  We have nine amazing steering committees: Meme Team, Quality of Workplace Team, Union Steering Committee, Action Committee, Research/Blogging Committee, Social Justice Steering Committee, State Administrators Committee, and Special Education Committee. If you have a special talent that you think you can add to any of these committees please let the directors know. Committees with an asterik are currently closed to new membership.
Here are the directors of our steering committees. 
Sue Goncarovs and Kathie Wing Larsyn - Co-Directors of Meme Team*
Jamy Brice Hyde - Director Quality of Workplace Steering Committee*
Becca Ritchie - Director of Union Steering Committee
Michael Flanagan and Tina Andres -Co- Directors of Action Committee
Steven Singer - Director of Research/Blogging
Roberta Reid and Lee Ann Pepper Nolan - Director of Social Justice Steering Committee
Kathleen Hagans Jeskey and Michelle Ramey- Director of State Administrators*
Terry Kalb and Lorri Gumanow - Co-Directors Special Education 
Here are our Board of Directors and Executive Directors 
Priscilla Sanstead - Chair of The Board of Directors
Denisha Jones - Co-Chair of The Board of Directors
Wilma De Soto - Co-Chair of The Board of Directors
Gus Morales - Co-Chair of The Board of Directors
Sergio Flores - Co-Chair of The Board of Directors
Marla Kilfoyle - Executive Director/Director of Personnel
Melissa Love Light Tomlinson - Asst. Executive Director
The future for BATs is bright, the future for BATs will be strong, the future for BATs will be one of a continued fight to make sure that all communities have what they need to make their children successful and happy! ^0^

**BATs is a 501(c)4 - all donations are NOT tax deductible

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