Saturday, October 10, 2015


BATs have given the Democratic and Republican Primary candidates a little homework.  This scorecard was sent to each of the campaigns.  Due date - 10/23.  Will they do their homework and report back? We are asking them to fill out a scorecard based on education issues that are important to teachers, students, and parents.  We have asked them to return to

We are asking them to report on Common Core, ending federally mandated testing, reauthorization of ESEA, charters and charter expansion, teachers right to due process, vouchers and privatization, equitable funding to close the opportunity gap, and education of our special needs and ELL children.


  1. It is heartening to see that someone is interested in educational issues enough to keep the issues before the eyes of the candidates, and consequently before the American public also. I, and I am sure many other, salute you on that.

  2. Is there a questionnaire associated with this?


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