Friday, June 26, 2015

#LessTesting #Yes2TesterAmend - National Twitter Storm

Take ActionàKill the Federal Annual Testing Mandate. You can help roll back testing overkill by acting today! Tell your two U.S. Senators to vote for Sen. Jon Tester’s amendment to reduce federally mandated standardized testing from every-kid-every-year to once each in elementary, middle and high schools. The Senate will vote the week of July 7 on a new federal education law to replace “No Child Left Behind.” The bill ends federally mandated high stakes for schools and teachers. That’s big progress for assessment reformers! But the proposal maintains annual testing in grades 3-8. Sen. Tester’s amendment will end that damaging policy. We can win if you act now! Every Senator matters. Send this letter or call your Senators today. (For phone numbers, see http://www/; Tester introduced his amendment as bill number S.1025.)

Thank you.

Here are some messages to tweet and post;
Here are federal lawmakers on twitter  -
 Vote YES 2 the Tester Amendment  #Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting

Support Sen. Tester’s amendment (S. 1025) to reduce fed standardized testing #Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting

Students need more time for learning & less for testing —#Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting

Say NO to Test Prep under NCLB and #Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting

Studies show that testing overkill most acute in schools serving our neediest children #Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting

With NCLB, students got narrow test prep and slower academic growth #Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting

 NAEP shows rate of improvement in reading & math slowed under NCLB test prep  #Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting

Across the U.S., parents, students, teachers & communities demand end to misuse & overuse of testing #Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting

Surveys show public knows increased testing did not improve public schools #Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting

A majority of voters want less testing. #Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting

Reducing federal testing to once each in elementary, middle & high school will provide enough info 2 help kids #Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting
Vote for less testing #Yes2TesterAmend #lesstesting
Support Tester Amendment!  #Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting
Reduce Fed. Testing Mandate NOW!  #Yes2TesterAmend  #lesstesting

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