Tuesday, June 16, 2015

An Applause As No Other!

by Larry Proffitt, Member of the BAT Leadership Team

Today I attended the high school graduation of my niece in Wilmington, NC. A large class sat through the routine of a ceremony always held precious by so many. When the time finally came for what the graduates had awaited, the room was greeted by thunderous ovations for the first to wheel, walk and stumble upon the stage. These were those with goals as any other student, but they had achieved to their best abilities against the exceptional circumstances which were a part of their everyday lives. These were the special needs students, and their triumphs were recognized wholeheartedly by not only the guests in attendance, but by those who knew them best, their graduating classmates.


Many children were celebrated on this day and were applauded by their families and friends, but there was no applause to measure against the applause of that first row of students. Their every move and expression sent electricity through the room and all contained within. The help and recognition this group of students received from their classmates moved me to tears. They were tears of happiness for those being appreciated so openly, but they also contained a hint of sadness as I realized sitting there, that our government no longer appreciates our students as individual nor exceptional. But for now, I will bask in their glory as I absorb the applause they received, an applause as no other!

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