Friday, January 30, 2015

I am honored
By: Michael Lambert
"Addressing the GTA this morning was a pleasure, and I deeply appreciate the warm reception and
excellent questions from my colleagues. But one moment really stood out for me. I've been involved in the education activist movement for a few years now and in that time I've learned a lot about the corporate and political forces behind what passes for education "reform" and about what is the centerpiece of that "reform", Common Core.
I've read and seen examples of how the CC objectives are developmentally inappropriate. I've discussed it with colleagues from across the country on social media. But it's really been intellectual knowledge. I'm at the high school where any given CC objective can fit curricula without much problem. So I've wondered what the experience of my Gloversville colleagues in the primary grades, burdened with these objectives, has been.
They answered me this morning. The spontaneous applause at my comment about CC being inappropriate for our smallest and most vulnerable students told me, and the rest of my secondary colleagues, all we need to know.
So yes, we are fighting for our careers and the integrity of our profession. But we are also fighting for our students. WE are the ones protecting THEM from the likes of Andrew Cuomo.
I've had enough of his claims in the media that they deserve protection from us and our union. More than enough.
Take any anxiety or fear you are feeling right now and channel it into the justifiable outrage we need to fuel the actions we'll be suggesting. But you don't have to wait. Write a letter to the editor or your local papers. Write to your state representatives. Write to the Board of Regents. Speak to your colleagues in other districts. Speak with your neighbors and friends.
And if I can help or answer any questions, please do not hesitate.
I am honored to be one of you. Together we can take back our students, our classrooms and our schools.
Yours in solidarity,

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