Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ed Reform 101: A collection of articles about Ed Deform, Common Core, and Testing

Every time I talk to someone new about the whole Ed Deform movement and high stakes testing, I curse and wish there was ONE page I could go to and get all the good articles in one shot instead of me having to scramble looking for them all. This is my attempt at compiling the articles. If you know of any great articles that explain things well that I haven’t included, please send them my way!
Education “Reform:”
Sums up Ed Deform movement nicely:
Who are the Corporate Deformers?
How do they make money off of public schools?
Public schools for sale:
Common Core:
10 Colossal Errors:
Specific problems with the Common Core ELA standards:
Why kids struggle with Common Core math:
Are the standards developmentally appropriate?
Opt Out/Refuse the Test
Parents, yes, you can refuse the test! Lots of information ere as well as state by state guides to opting out/refusing:
Charter Schools:
What happens when an entire city goes charter?
12 Problems With Charter Schools:
Charters used for segregation:
Want to get involved?
We need everyone- parents, teachers, students, community members- all speaking up about this. Make your voice heard!
Badass Teachers website:
Badass Teachers Facebook group:
Badass Moms:
United Opt Out:

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