Sunday, October 5, 2014

By: Dr. Stuart Rhoden and Stacy Stelmack Biscorner
When children are in tears as they enter the tech lab, we've failed.
When children are tested more than they're taught, we've failed.
When children dread coming to school because the joy of learning has been stripped from their day, we've failed.
When children are filling bubbles in rather than blowing bubbles, we've failed.
When teachers cannot veer from the curriculum to spark an interest in an otherwise unmotivated child, we've failed.
When kids can't participate in the arts because those teachers are now test administrators, we've failed.
When children are denied recess because that time is now devoted to test prep or test administration, we've failed.
Who is truly failing? Are our children really failing, or are we failing our kids? We, as the adults our students depend on, are being put to the test. How will we measure up? That is the ultimate question, the one our kids are counting on us to answer correctly.

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