Sunday, October 5, 2014

By: Care4Kids

The tests are designed for failure. More students failing= more opportunity for financial gain for big businesses and corporations. New programs and materials can be created to "improve student test scores" and "close the achievement gap"....Our children are the victims in this sick cycle of attack on public education.

We don't have an achievement gap, we have a government gap. Too many idiots controlling what they know nothing about and blaming it on the teachers who have NO control.

Let's exclude teachers from decision making, silence their voices and punish them when students fail.

Teachers are removed from the equation, beaten down and disregarded. They are disrespected and ignored. If teachers dare speak up, they are labeled as insubordinate or uncooperative and rated accordingly during the evaluation process. Teachers are not valued as the NUMBER ONE factor in student success.

Guess those creating the "Best Practices" forgot the research that says the mind can't endure what the butt can't endure. And how about the attention span of children. 5 year olds being expected to sit for hours on end? Yeah, oops.

And we think assessing students to death is going to help with student dropout rates how?

I honestly think a positive relationship between teacher and student is the number one factor in school, but that's another topic of discussion

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