Tuesday, July 22, 2014

That's What Being a Badass Teacher Means!
By:  Wilma De Soto 

*Hot, humid July day.
• Cleaning up a "fetid hole", my administrator moved me to the last week of school in June in order to run me out of the business.
• Crippled from a chronic ankle issue which has needed surgery for years.
• Husband unable to help today as he has done for the past week.
• What happens?
• Students come to help me just because I ask them and for no reason except respect and love.
• Same students have been with me for good or ill which means whether I have been firm or nice to them but I taught them well.
• STILL, they have my back even though they are now middle-school age and this will be their last year at the school.
• Same students promise to return Friday even though they know my husband will be there to help.

THAT'S what being a Badass Teacher means!

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