Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Is Sacrificed!
By:  Anonymous Teacher

So when testing is going on, what is being sacrificed? Ask if your children with disabilities are receiving speech? In my school the speech teacher was proctoring exams so the students with disabilities missed speech for those 3 mornings and will possibly for all the make up days. And then they will miss again for math exams. Also ESL students will be missing out on that service. So if your child receives resource, speech, ESL and possibly other services depending on your district, whether or not they are taking the exams, their IEP mandates are not being met during testing days if those specialists are pulled to proctor. So my students with autism miss their very much needed speech therapy for 3 mornings for ELA, 3 mornings for math, and possibly an additional 6 mornings if the speech teacher is assigned to proctor make ups. That is disgusting.

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  1. Maybe it's illegal. Maybe the parents of the children missing their mandated special instruction should challenge these arrangements.