Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Daughter is a Stealth Common Core Warrior
By:  Lee Justo

Our daughter, feeling a little uncomfortable about what her teacher said to her, came and told us her words. This caused me to reflect on what the truth behind our involvement in fighting against common core was and the huge role my daughter has played in it since the beginning. I suppose it was out of the frustration of hearing what her teacher said to her, that I typed this into my facebook status in the hope that others realize that the children know what the deal is: I am so proud of my daughter. Upon learning of her opting out, her teacher said "Its OK, I know it wasn't you that made this decision." Her teacher does not know that my daughter saved up money to fund the Peg Luksik and Mark Naison presentation in Peekskill. Her teacher does not know that my daughter posted on instagram an opt-out meme and then told me about it. Her teacher does not know that it is because my daughter recognized that there was something really wrong with her homework and brought it to me, that I got involved in fighting common core. Her teacher does not know how much my daughter hates common core. She hasn't been there for the "daddy, I miss history comments. etc". People can believe that the tens of thousands of students opting out of tests are just going along with their parents wishes: I know different. My daughter is a stealth common core warrior and I am so proud of her for it.

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  1. she is learning invaluable lessons in taking a position and commitment to it. one day she will be a leader. stand proud.


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