Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thank you to all of our BAT Volunteers!
By:  Melissa Tomlinson, Asst. General Manager BATs
Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at this powerhouse we call BATs?  Last month Marla and I wrote a post about the minions that run BATs.  We explained a little bit about what we do on a daily basis to help keep the daily operations running smoothly for our ever growing membership.  Well, it is time to let you in on a little secret...we don't d
o it alone!!!


Gasp!!! Really????


Seriously.  Think of how fast our feed in the main group runs.  Think of how many tweets you see from the main twitter account.  Think of all the state and secret groups we have (over 100), the actions that are run daily, the posts on the fan page, the blogs, the emails, the memes, the web page, the Pinterest, the videos...


Can you imagine trying to do all of that with only a few volunteers?  Well, we have more than a few.  We will admit...we get a lot of help.  As we move into spring, and testing season, and the finalization of yearly evaluation tallies...things are getting, well, CRAZY!!!


So before we go any further, we just wanted to publicly thank all of our volunteers that have worked with us, remained with us through ups and downs, communicated thoughts and feelings with us, and have always kept BATs best interest at heart.


Who exactly are these people you ask???  Well there are too many to name them all.  But let us try to give you a breakdown of some of our volunteer teams.  Our core group is our main admin/moderator team.  They are dedicated beyond belief.  We also have state group and secret group admins, publicity volunteers, email chain volunteers, twitter helpers, writers, graphic artists, researchers, video creators, website content creators, public page content creators...Gosh, hope no one is being left out. 


But the point is that we would not have grown this much with out everyone doing all that they can to further our mission.  Without our teams we would not have grown to over 40,000 members with over 10,000 likes on our public page and over 9,000 followers on twitter. 


Without them, this group would not be here for you. 


Please join us in taking a moment to recognize out BAT MVP heroes as we say with all of our hearts...






  1. i so appreciate all the volunteers, and i am so happy to be one of them! there is no other group i wish to hold hands with as we fight this battle.....being a BAT is a huge, amazing part of who i have grown to be these last months...and i am thankful for all of the process it has been.... ^0^


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