Sunday, March 23, 2014

Students fail, teachers fail, corporate reformers win BIG MONEY.

 By:  Anonymous Teacher

"Last year in New York, a group of fourth graders sat for the first of 8 NYS testing days (3 ELA, 3 math, 2 science). On that first day there were 30 multiple choice questions and a 70 minute time limit. It took me, with three degrees in education, 42 minutes just to read the passages, questions and answer choices. Let that sink in. There was so much material that I took over half of the allotted just to read the booklet! Assume that I read more fluently and with more comprehension skills than 9 and 10 year old kids, please. Over half of the students completed 15 questions or LESS.

They automatically failed the assessment. CCSS is setting public education up for FAILURE. CCSS says kids should read 'closely' and gather evidence from the text. CCSS and Pearson sold us a product that has us read the main selection 3 times in one week. Then Pearson wrote the test that made sure kids would not pass. Those kids that did as they were taught, that went back to the text and proved their answers FAILED. They failed because the CCSS test would not allow them to use CCSS strategies. Who failed? CCSS failed those kids. Combine that with APPR rubrics that tie my score to their test scores, and it's a win-win.

Students fail, teachers fail, corporate reformers win BIG MONEY. Please start researching ALEC, CCSS, PARCC, and APPR. Look for the money trail. Our kids are not failing. Our kids are growing, and some will grow faster, slower, in a different direction, etc. Please make sure you understand what is really happening to public education. The rich and powerful corporations smell money in the water. They don't care if publicly educated kids bleed to death in the process. Their kids don't go to public school."

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