Friday, February 14, 2014

The Romance Is Gone From Predatory School Reform
By:  Dr. Mark Naison

Driving home from work today, I had an epiphany I wanted to share with you. And it is this. Even though terrible things are happening to teachers and students and families all over the nation, the Romance is gone from Predatory School Reform. It has been reduced to naked power, greed, and opportunism. And while this may bring little immediate relief to teachers having their pensions hijacked and tenure undermined; to students deluged with tests and deprived of arts, music and library; and to school districts and families forced to accept Common Core standards without discussion or hope of modification or to have neighborhood schools closed over their protests; it suggest that the revolt against these policies is going to steadily gather momentum and may eventually sweep away some of the damage. The Emperor no longer has clothes. This isn't about Equity, Civil Rights, or Improved Quality of Instruction. It is about the pursuit of Profit and Political Advantage. The Moral High Ground has shifted to us. Let's make good use of it in fighting this battle.

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