Monday, January 27, 2014

As a kid I was raised in poverty and hoods
Played in the streets where fiends and gang members stood
My step father was a drunk intoxicated with hatred and rage
It hurts to remember this book of my life and its page
But I must endure the tears and the pain
If I wish that something from this can be gained
See for us school was at first an escape
A world of teaching and learning, music and paint
As I got older I struggled thro tears of frustration
Problems and issues at home attacked my own education
The same can be said for many students of life
Trying to focus and smile but it just felt like a lie
But we made it and learned and its only because
Our teachers were kind, trustworthy and held firm to their cause
To teach and to show that despite our issues we could succeed
We were more than just data and numbers on paper of green
We were students blessed to have teachers that connected to teach
Cant read? Cant spell? Cant count? There was no defeat!
They took us by hand, with a smile of love and taught us wit patience
They smiled as we learned, they cheered us and waited
The joy could be felt when the student looked and said
Thank you my teacher my mind you have fed
Every student is different, different problems and pain
You cant teach us unless u understand the tears and the stains
To fail us because we don't reach the scores that they want
And not give the teachers the chance to teach as they want
Is stupid and cruel, foolish idiotic
Last time that I checked Arne didn't have these lessons, how ironic
I wonder if Arne is really as smart as he feels
I mean that's what he says about our kids in this field
Rigorous testing to pass or fail our children?
Lets just take our time as our teachers did, find their dreams and lets build them.... Jose G ^O^

Jose Gonzalez

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