Saturday, June 22, 2013

Letter From the Front

Yes, I am a real teacher surviving in a world with unrealistic expectations. The excuse for our inadequate compensation lies in a general belief that our pay includes ubiquitous and enduring gratification for having been part of forming the intelligence of our youth along with extended summer vacations. No, I don't do it for the pay. I do it because the price of ignorance is often played out in varying degrees of human suffering. Because when I die, I want my life to mean something more than just the money I’ve earned. But that belief is does not constitute a license to the public, and in particular the reform movement, for the degradation of teaching as a profession. 
In truth, the battle for America is won and lost each day in its public school classrooms.

Originally posted in the BTA Facebook group and reported with permission if the author - Wanda Bullock

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