Saturday, June 22, 2013

Letter from a Badass to Bill Gates

Dear Bill Gates,


First, I would like to call your attention to my letterhead. As you will see I am a National Board Certified Teacher; a certification I worked very hard for and am very proud of.  I have been a teacher for 27 years.  I have worked in 3 different types of schools - a school in an urban area where many of the students I taught lived in poverty, a school in a blue collar neighborhood where students I taught had working class parents, and currently I work in an area that is more affluent where students are college bound and embrace education.  I am writing you because I have to ask you to stop funding  education programs that will deprive the children of this country an education that will build and strengthen their communities.  Public education builds communities and is the cornerstone of the strength in this country.  Public education lets in all children and allows them to stay there.  Charter schools let in some students and then kicks them out if they aren't up to par.  How disgusting!! I have a great plan for all you billions - dump some money into an impoverished public school district so children in that community will have a center to do their homework, or more guidance to become college bound, or a center that will help them fill out a job application and get into the job market.  


I recently discovered, as well, that your foundation is funding a national data base of children's information to sell to vendors. Quite frankly I see this as nothing short of prostitution!  How dare you feel it is morally and ethically sound to sell a child's private information to a vendor for profit.  Would you want someone selling your children's private information?  I am a teacher but my most important job is a mother to an amazing 10 year old boy.  I don't want you or InBloom to sell nor publicize my sons information.  I think that what you and these new "educational reformers" will see very soon a sleeping "beast" will descend upon you. That beast is a group of parents and teachers who realize what you are all up to - that is to make more money off the backs of our children.  I would like to invite you to revisit your failing agenda for public education.  SHAME ON YOU BILL GATES FOR SELLING THE CHILDREN OF THIS COUNTRY!


With Utter Disgust!

Marla Kilfoyle

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  1. Thank you, Maria, for your many years of service to the children of your communities .... and thank you for taking the time to tell Bill where it's really at ....

    Sue Morgan
    Retired Oakland CA Public School teacher