Friday, May 9, 2014

BATs Weekly Roundup - Week of May 5th
By:  Marla Kilfoyle, BATs General Manager
TN BAT Lucianna Sanson was one of 20 teachers selected to go
to White House Social for Teacher Appreciation Week w/
Dr.Jill Biden and Arne Duncan!  She wore her BAT shirt!

Wow did BATs have a busy week!  On Monday we swarmed Louisiana Governor Jindal.  He has done a flip flop on Common Core! First he wanted Common Core and now he doesn't want Common Core! What is it Governor Jindal?  On Tuesday BATs flew to Ohio to call out Jungle Jack Hanna for his support of virtual charters.  Shouldn't Jungle Jack be supporting public education who visit his Zoo's and support his television show?  Wednesday BATs had a HUGE day.  First, TN BAT Lucianna Sanson was chosen as one of 20 teachers to attend a White House Social with Dr. Jill Biden and Arne Duncan.  Yes, you heard that right BATs - a BAT met with Arne Duncan.  We are looking forward to a write up of her experience with Duncan in the near future.  On the same day BATs flew to Jefferson County, Colorado where we called out the BOE for not supporting children and teachers.  The BOE of JeffCo refuses to settle a contract that would make the working conditions of teachers fair and equitable, but instead, they want to seek to privatize the district like neighboring Douglas County!! BATs called them to task - when you support and nurture your teachers you provide a great place for kids to go to school!  Thursday and Friday BATs supported the AFT initiatives #BringBackOurGirls and Alliance to Reclaim our Schools.  Please attend one of the events in your area for the Alliance to Reclaim our Schools here  and if you are in D.C. on Tuesday, May 13th please attend the kick-off event here  To end our week, BATs asks all our Newark, N.J. BATs to get out the vote for Ras Baraka.  He is a candidate NOT bought off by Wall Street!  Get out the vote for a man who wants to do great things for the public schools in Newark! 

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