Thursday, April 5, 2018

Yesterday, Today, And I Still Hear That Mountaintop Calling Us by Jesse Turner

We gathered on the steps of the Connecticut Supreme Court yesterday in Hartford to remember Dr. King, to remember the work that still needs doing.
The Clergy reminded us there is a moral duty, A moral duty to lift: The widow, The orphan, The poor, The sick, The oppressed. A moral duty, compelling us to fight for justice for all people. Perhaps, you were not there, It does not matter, If you stood in the rain, or not, It does not matter, If you marched with us to the Legislative office building, It does not matter, If you squeezed into Room 1A, To hear our young people speak up, To listen to Moral voices proclaiming this justice work is the only work. Perhaps, you were not there, Perhaps, you had a million things to do, Perhaps, even 50 years later the burden of losing Dr. King is too heavy for some, Perhaps, for others, a holiday covers it. Perhaps, you think it’s all done, Perhaps, you believe we can’t move beyond this war on the poor, Perhaps, you believe 6 bullets in the back of young Stephon Clark was just another day, Perhaps, you think a million women marching changes nothing, Perhaps, you think a million young people marching for life changes nothing, Perhaps, you think April 4, 2018 was just another day, Perhaps, you should know that yesterday is gone, But, today is another day. Perhaps, you think your moral duty ends at Friday, Saturday, or Sunday services, Perhaps, you think your alms to the poor is enough, Perhaps, you missed it, But, the work still calls you to Dr. King’s Mountaintop, Perhaps, you’ll show up someday, That’s alright, All, that really matters is we all show up someday. I’ll take that someday, Cause it does not matter when you get on this justice train, What matters is some remember Dr. King, Some turned up for hope, Some turned up for: The widow, The orphan, The poor, The sick, The oppressed. What matters, is some are calling all, What matters, is there is much to do, What matters, is that Dr. King, saw his people recommitting: To economic justice, To Racial justice, To lifting the young, To lifting elderly, To lifting the sick, To lifting the disabled, To lifting all in need. What matters, is the Poor People Campaign has risen, What matters is that Mountaintop still needs climbing, What matters, is you still can join us, What matters, is that justice needs doing, What matters, is not when you come to the vineyard, What matters, is you are always welcomed, Always needed, Always appreciated, And Dr. King Mountaintop has room for all. Come climb that Mountaintop for justice with us. You are needed, We are all needed, Brothers, sisters, this work is only just beginning, Please, come join our Poor People Campaign,

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