Monday, January 1, 2018

BATs in 2017!!

Thank you to all of our supporters.  We are honored to do this work and look forward to our fifth year in 2018!

Our most popular meme.  Made by Nancy Osborne and it received over a 7 million reach!!  

BATs In the News

Get to Know the Badass Teachers fighting Privatization

Teachers Embrace Mindfulness

DREAM Supporters in New Jersey Launch Thanksgiving Hunger Strike

‘Badass Teachers’ Study Blames Trump for Increasing Educators’ Stress

Survey: Teachers' mental health declining amid job stress

Teacher-Led Networks Turn Educators Into First Responders

Educators Are More Stressed at Work Than Average People, Survey Finds

Teachers And Politicians Mount Final Push To Keep Betsy DeVos Away From Public Schools

Teachers' Union Faces Backlash Over Publication on Personalized Learning

Teachers report increased stress at work, per new survey

Next Generation Learning Standards to Soon Replace Common Core in N.Y.

Can Computer Programs Help Students, Teachers?

Has the Fairfax County School Board just declared war on teachers?

Public Educators Share Fallout on Personalized Learning, Privatization and Edtech

Education in the Trump Era: Bad for Your Mental Health?

Education Groups Clash Over Trump's Transgender Bathroom Guideline Reversal

State Sen. Flanagan Draws Heat for Supporting Trump’s Education Secretary Pick

Why the word ‘merely’ turned many advocates for students with disabilities against Gorsuch

Learning software in classrooms earns praise, causes debate

Pro-DeVos ads air, saying ‘liberal’ critics are full of ‘rage and hate,’ as anti-DeVos protests are held

The DeVos Brand of Public School Reform: Unregulated, Profitable, Voucher-Oriented, Meets Resistance in Ohio

Teachers’ mental health declining due to job stress, political discourse, survey finds

Teachers Don All Black to Protest DeVos' Confirmation for Ed Secretary

Survey: Mental health among teachers declining

Survey: Teachers' mental health declining amid job stress

How Education Bills With No Chance of Passing Have Sparked Interest From Activists

Betsy DeVos' Confirmation Signals Dark Times for Democrats

Can computers enhance the work of teachers? The debate is on

Betsy DeVos: Trump's illiberal ally seen as most dangerous education chief ever

Supporters and Skeptics of Betsy DeVos, Trump's Nominee for Education Secretary

Is this commercial “teacher-bashing”? A PBC teacher thinks so

Our Children Deserve Better: A Call
to Resist Washington’s Dangerous
Vision for U.S. Education

Next Generation Learning Standards to soon replace Common Core

Fallout From Racist Diatribe by NY Charter School Billionaire Continues

Groups Call on Cuomo to Cut Ties With Loeb Following Racist Attack

Wa. State workers denounce far-right, union-busting Freedom Foundation

National teacher survey: ‘Overworked, underpaid, underappreciated, questioned and blamed’

Chris Christie's bully image endures in the public's imagination

BATs - Boots on the Ground

NEA BAT Caucus in 2017

BATs Speak to Antioch Education Department

The People’s Summit

PDX Rally Against White Nationalists

BATs Host #WeChoose Critical Conversation at Seattle Conference

BATs 4th Annual Education Conference

Top Education Organizations on Social Media

BATs join the #WeChoose Coalition

BATs Partner with the Franklin Foundation in The Public Schools Defense Fund

Leaders protest superintendents controversial policies

New York Opt Out of Testing

BAT Asst. Executive Director Runs for Office

NY BAT Christine Pelligrino Wins NYS Assembly Race in Trump District  

NY BAT Kat Brezler Throws her hat in the ring for NYS Senate Seat

Equity in Education Rally - Washington State

Educators protest Devos in Tennessee

Ohio BATs Create an OH BAT Caucus in OEA

Washington State BATs create WA BAT Caucus in WEA

California BAT Caucus created in CTA

BATs testifying in Ohio - Brianne Kramer

BATs testifying in Connecticut - Chris Willems

The BATs Board of Directors, Executive Directors, and Steering Committee Directors.

BATs is a 501c4.  If you would like to become a $10 a month donor please head over to our website  and consider becoming a $10 a month donor.  

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