Saturday, November 25, 2017

MARLA KILFOYLE, Executive Director BATs
MELISSA TOMLINSON, Asst. Executive Director BATs
ENDRE JARRAUX WALLS, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer The Franklin Foundation for Innovation
215-391-8227 (Franklin Foundation)
516-987-4405 (BATs)


The Badass Teachers Association and the Franklin Foundation for Innovation proudly announce their partnership in defense of public education.  The Badass Teachers Association is a national grassroots education activist organization with over 200,000 activist members and The Franklin Foundation for Innovation operates on the premise that public schools represent the best chance all American children have for being successful.  BATs and The Franklin Foundation for Innovation is proud to announce their partnership and the creation of The Public Schools Defense Fund.  

“I think it has become apparent to everyone, parents, teachers, even kids, that their public system of education is under siege from people who are putting profits ahead of our future. The Franklin Foundation for Innovation represents a philanthropic approach to preventing the destruction of public schools. The BATs organization represents the power of the people, in the spirit of democracy, fighting against the architected decimation of our public school infrastructure. Together we will open the eyes of the public, produce the evidence that will validate our position, and speak with conviction about how critical our education system is to our national security. Our partnership should show those out there looking to destroy one of our nation’s most sacred institutions that it won’t be easy to do and that they will have to fight every parent and every educator in this country to succeed in tearing down our institutions for a buck or two in their pockets.” ~Endre Jarraux Walls, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer The Franklin Foundation for Innovation

“The privatization of the public goods necessary to build a strong democratic republic continues to be the greatest threat to our future. As public schools are turned into a commodity where corporations can experiment on other people's children it is imperative that we resist the fallacy of neoliberalism. We must organize our efforts beyond protesting in the streets to developing strategic partnerships that allow teachers, parents, and students to reclaim public education as a human right. This is why BATs is partnering with the Franklin Foundation to develop innovative strategies that will disrupt the assault on public education and create high-quality schools for all children.” ~Dr. Denisha Jones, Board Member, The Badass Teachers Association

“We are looking forward to working in partnership with The Franklin Foundation for Innovation.  We all agree that the education of our children should not be about your zip code but should be defined by equity.  We know that the BATs and Franklin Foundation for Innovation Public Schools Defense Fund will allow us to take our work to the next level.  We are looking forward to BEING the change that is right for children and communities. We look forward to working together in our fight to defend public education.” ~Marla Kilfoyle, Executive Director, The Badass Teachers Association.

The Badass Teachers Association and The Franklin Foundation for Innovation Public Schools Defense Fund will be mission focused on providing every child with an equitable and stable public education in their neighborhood.  We will base our work to promote best practices and push forth education research that is rooted in what is best for children not corporations.  We hope that you will support BATs and The Franklin Foundation for Innovation Public Schools Defense Fund.  We hope that you will consider this your donation for #GivingTuesday.  Go here to donate to the Public Schools Defense Fund


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