Sunday, September 3, 2017

Those Lazy Teachers! by Jesse Turner

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Teachers some people say they'll lazy!

Well, it's a new academic year, and I have met my new graduate students. All hard-working teachers. Research indicates teachers work 57 hours per week. 37 are paid hours a week, 27 on instruction, and 10 on required school duties. The other 20 are without pay. Summers are without pay. Every teacher I know looks for summer work.

My teachers spend another 3-9 hours a week on top of that earning graduate credits in literacy. Twice that amount of time completing assignment for us. It will cost them between 20,000 and 30,000 dollars. No one is paying for them.

This is all on their own dollar.

They will write numerous research papers, critically read the research, deeply expand their thinking professionally, take exams, create numerous projects, and tutor and feed 4 children for free, and write extensive case studies on each one. Then after all that the state of Connecticut requires them to take a standardized exam that they pay for to become certified. This is after they have already taken and passed at least 2-3 other standardized license exams. These exams will add 1000-1500 out of their own pockets. It is coming to the point where fewer and fewer students want to be teachers. The word is out, teaching is extremely hard, and is one of the least respected professions in America these days.    

Teachers some people say they'll lazy!

My simple Walking Man truth,

Teachers are my heroes

I say they are our First Responders of Humanity and Dignity for children in our public schools.

I say they are over worked and bullied by oppressive education policies that are doing everything possible to kill the motivation to learn in our children.

They, are doing the best they can against legislative mandates, and privatizing forces reducing our childhood into data points and profits.

Over a hundred years of research indicates teachers make the difference, not standards or test scores.

Praise and respect to America's teachers.

Jesse The Walking Man Turner

If you like to hear the tune that inspired my morning walk this's Lulu's "To Sir With Love"

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