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Bring Your Gun to School – Courtesy of the Pennsylvania Senate by Steven SInger

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Next school year, I may be able to bring my gun to class.


My class sizes will be larger because of almost $1 billion in budget cuts the legislature couldn’t be bothered to heal over the last seven years. I’ll have to teach more sections because my district is bleeding money from charter school vampires that the legislature couldn’t be bothered to regulate.

But now I can be fully armed.


Bullets over books, I guess.

As a more than 15 year veteran of the public school system, I can’t wait to get back in the classroom wondering which of my fellow teachers, principals, custodians or rent-a-cop security guards is fully locked and loaded. I can’t wait until my elementary school daughter is finally protected by being in an adult’s daily line of fire.

This is going to make us much safer.

At my school, we fired a security guard for slamming a student’s head into the table. I’m sure having these folks armed will have no negative effects at all.

And the extra stress from added responsibilities being piled on my back will just make me more vigilant in case I need to take out my piece in class and chase away Black Bart with my Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model… uh… rifle.

Maybe I can get one with a compass in the stock and a thingie that really tells time, too!

Seriously, it’s hard to believe that grown adults actually voted on this ridiculous farce of a law. The only positive thing is that it still needs to be passed by the House and signed by the Governor.

Bad news: state Representatives just might be as stupid as their Senate colleagues. Good news: the Governor isn’t. There is less than a snowball’s chance in Hell that Gov. Tom Wolf is going to sign this piece of crap.

This is what happens when you have a Republican-controlled legislature and a Democratic Governor. The kids say they want nothing but candy for dinner and Dad says “No.”

Now, with a reality TV star con man in our highest national office, GOP-controlled state legislatures like mine all over the country have become emboldened to pass even worse excrement knowing full well that it has zero chance of ever becoming law. But at least they’ll prove to their gerrymandered Republican voting districts not to primary them with even further right leaning Tea Party mental defectives.

It’s a game of chicken with our most vulnerable residents held hostage in the middle.

You know, if lawmakers think that guns are such a great idea in schools, why don’t they make them legal at the state capital?

You can’t go in that building without passing through a metal detector. If you try to bring a gun in there, the best thing you can hope for is to be refused entry.

And it’s pretty similar in most states. Certainly at federal institutions. You can’t take a firearm with you to visit your Congressperson – or on a tour of the White House.

Gee. Why are so-called conservatives so darn concerned with making sure teachers are armed, but they don’t want to offer the same “protection” to themselves in government, at their businesses, rallies and places of leisure?

Why? Because it’s bullshit.

That’s why.

Most of them don’t really want guns in schools. They know it’s a terrible idea. They just want to look like they support it. Their propaganda networks spew out all this nonsense that they have to pretend to believe.

When they let protesters enter the capital building open carrying automatic weapons, THEN I won’t doubt their sincerity.

When they let Black Lives Matter activists strapping rifles across their shoulders into their rallies among the angry and confused hillbillies, THEN I’ll know how serious they are.

And when the upper crust private and parochial schools where they send their own children start arming their teachers, THEN I’ll believe them.

Until that day, I call bullshit on this whole ridiculous endeavor.

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  1. This is a VERY sarcastic piece on a very serious issue. Students and teachers are dead because of terrorists and kooks out there. I don't like the idea of guns in schools, or anywhere else for that matter. But as long as criminals and terrorists have guns, then someone MUST have the ability to stop them. Any solution that has proven to work, I would find acceptable. However, I do know a bullet between the eyes WILL stop the bad guys 100% of the time, and hopefully BEFORE they have killed our children. Just ask Sandy Hook parents. But the issue goes deeper.
    1. We have failed to teach morals like every life is worthy and why. What makes each life worthy, that seems to be the issue. a) If all rights are granted by man or man's government, then each person decides if the other person's life is worth keeping. For example, a hood decides that if you don't turn over whatever they want at that moment, you do not deserve to live, bang. Or a government official decides you are not productive enough to be of use to the government, therefore you do not have the right to live, so proper medications are not given (I am fighting doctors trying to kill me with improper medications right now - story too long for here). Or some terrorist decides you do not think like them, therefore you do not deserve to live. The point is some MAN makes the choice.
    2. The nation did not have these kinds of school attacks until focus on God being in charge was was stopped and replaced with focus on man in charge. When God was the focus, then rights were granted by God (see Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution). Death could only be assigned by man in light of God's instructions, not just the whim of anyone with a gun or you answered to God . Life was sacred because God said life was sacred and therefore had value.
    If there is no God (who WILL catch you for sure), then there is no reason to live a moral life beyond "not getting caught". I know if I wanted to commit a crime, I would not be caught.


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