Saturday, March 4, 2017

From the Mothers (Fathers, Husbands, Wives) of Teachers by Tara May Crawford

When you are the mother of a teacher you will get to listen to people criticize public school teachers without a second thought.

They will demonize them as lazy leeches who teach for the money and not because they care about the future of their students. (Because we all know they make soooo much)

You will spend hours of your family time with your child watching her work on paperwork because she spends the day teaching and has to use most of her evening getting the rest of her duties done.

You will answer the phone and listen to her heartbreak when there is a student she feels powerless to save from poverty or abuse.

You will call her and hear the stress in her voice because she doesn't have enough hours in the day to meet all the requirements that non-teacher politicians have made law.

You will read insulting comments on the Internet about the results of the State issued report cards claiming that public schools and teachers are failing children.

You will want to scream that the tests are rigged and that it is our society who is failing our children.

You will want to shout that those teachers continue to teach in spite of the disrespect and blame everyone heaps so eagerly on their shoulders because they genuinely care.

You will want to cuss because you know those teachers are dedicated to raising up the underprivileged and giving them the education they are entitled to, oftentimes at a great cost to themselves and the people they love.

You will feel pride because you know your child is making a difference in the lives of the kids that are fortunate enough to be assigned to her class.

You will feel protectiveness because you will witness the sacrifice, dedication and sheer determination that she pours into her profession.

Now just imagine being the teacher.

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