Monday, August 22, 2016

Pledge to Shop union for Back to School

Please join BATs and UFCW as we stand in national solidarity to tell everyone to shop union for Back to School and all year long!  

Pledge to Shop Union!

 I pledge to shop union and NOT to shop at non-union stores like Walmart or Hobby Lobby.  Many non union stores and their foundations  support the  privatization and destruction of public education

Whereas non union stores have supported

The expansion of for profit charters to the tune of $1 Billion

Teach for America and their program to place unqualified teachers in our most neediest districts (replacing qualified teachers and teachers of color)

An agenda that has been horrific to their workers, women, immigrants, LGBTQI,  and does not allow them to unionize.

Many anti public education organizations as seen here

 School choice which does NOT offer choice at all, it removes it from parents and from communities.

Removal of a teachers right to due process

Be it therefore resolved, on this 23rd day of August, I pledge to shop union for my Back to School supplies and all year round.

Marla Kilfoyle
Amy Hepburn
Melissa Tomlinson
Lesa Aloan Wilbert
Tina Andres
Michael Struchen
Rosemary Pearce
Judith Strollo
Carmen Andrews
Kathleen M Todd
Kathleen Jeskey
Joan Kramer
lynne rerucha
Lori Lalama
Maureen ODriscoll
Jenny Divish
Susan Cutshall
Millisa Jaycox
Shari Mendelson
Dana Hanratty-Clay
Beth Egbert
Jamy Brice-Hyde M.Ed.
Ken Previti
Erin Rafferty
Brittany Alexander
Kathleen Woodruff
Kelli Lawson
Larry Lawrence
Christy Bezrutczyk
Karyn Coelho

Eve Shippens
Susan Tanabe
Cheryl Denton
Jennifer Debler
Phil Sorensen
Keith Hausman
kathie larsyn
sue goncarovs

Paula Meyer
John McTigue

Becca Ritchie
Jennifer Atkins
Jeanne Berrong

Anne Zerrien-Lee

Rich Peters

Greg Fuchs

Michelle Anderson

If you wish to sign onto this pledge please sign on this form and we will be transferring names onto this blog daily for the next few weeks.  Check back to see your name added! - Thank you for your support


  1. Instead of a about a list of companies/stores/products for the classroom that are made by pro/worker/union? It would be more useful to know WHAT I can buy that helps fellow union members than just "promising" to buy union! :)

  2. Mr. Ryan - the AFL/CIO has a pretty comprehensive site here:

  3. A list of union stores would be helpful. I shopped at Staples this year, but don't know much about their business practices.


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