Monday, May 2, 2016


Dear Friends and Supporters of BATs!

 First thank you so much for always giving and supporting this organization. Bottom line is – WE WORK FOR YOU! BATs does not take money from wealthy foundations! We are all volunteers who run this organization and we rely on your kind donations to fund all the things that we do to fight for public education and social justice. 

With your kind donations we have been able to 
1.  Buy a pro public education ad in the Washington Post Magazine
2.  Buy bus ads in Seattle for test refusal that ran for over four weeks
3.  Sponsor four scholarships to NPE for BATs going to NPE this year
4.  File an Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court in Friedrichs vs. CTA
5.  Purchase a partner subscription to Action Network
6.  Pay for our P.O. Box and mailing supplies
7.  Order BAT Buttons, shirts, and Bracelets to distribute
8.  Maintain our website
9.  Pay our share of the DC event this summer
10.  Sponsor Pro Public Education radio programming and publications
11.  Donate to various causes around the country like supporting Chicago in pursuing an elected school board, Dream Yard Project, Philadelphia Students Union, and Flint Water Crisis.
12.  Boost for advertising on Facebook that is pro public education and pro teacher
13.  Pay our taxes, legal,  and accounting fees

BAT Ad in the Washington Post Magazine!  We gave the USDOE an "F"

Bus ads on Seattle Metro lines telling parents to refuse testing! 

So, we are hoping that you can, for our spring into summer campaign, give what you can. This will be our last fundraising cycle until our Fall drive in six months. We hope to use your kind donations to fund us through the summer. We are looking for monthly recurring donors (give what you can monthly - $10, $15, $20 or more) or we also will take a single donation. 

 For this fundraising cycle we will be offering our monthly recurring donors of $10 or more their name on our march and parade banner (current monthly donors we will place your name on the banner) and our protest posters at the DC Rally/March this summer!


BAT Protest Poster for the March in DC this summer - if you become
a monthly donor or a one time donor of over $10 we will inscribe
your name on our posters for the Rally/March ! 

For those who can only give a single donation of $10 or more, we will be honored to place your name on one of our protest posters for the Rally/March this summer in DC. 

We will be holding our Spring into Summer Fundraiser for the entire month of May – you can donate at the PayPal button on our website or you can mail a check made out to The Badass Teachers Association, Inc, P.O. Box 1390, Bellmore, NY 11710. Please remember that BATs is a 501c4 and your donations are not tax deductible. Thank you for believing in the work of BATs because WE believe in YOU! ‪#‎BelieveinBATs‬ ‪#‎Solidarity‬

In Solidarity
The BATs Board of Directors and Steering Committee Directors

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