Monday, March 28, 2016

Open Letter to Newsday: We Can't Get the Well Being of Children Out of Our Heads.
By:  Jeanette Deutermann, founder of Long Island Opt Out

NY LI OPT OUT founder Jeanette Deutermann

In this post Jeanette responds to a local newspaper, Newsday, that has consistently been anti-teacher, anti-public education, and anti- opt out movement.  

Newsday Editorial Staff had aligned themselves with reformers from the very start when we first began fighting back. As we have gained in influence and support, their attacks have increased. I generally ignore, but today I decided to have a little fun and respond to their latest attacks.
Dear Newsday Editorial staff:
I get it. It's frustrating that with all the effort, time, and publicity, your message of telling parents to "opt in" and "common core is amazing" is still falling on deaf ears. It's difficult when threats, misinformation, and insults don't win over public opinion. Don't fret. It's not your fault. You gave it the old college and career try. You put your all into stopping this runaway opt out train. I'll let you in on a little secret. (In a whisper) "Parents aren't as stupid as you thought". I know, many of us were just as surprised as you are. Parents actually began looking at their children's classwork and homework. They began asking questions about the who, what, and why of these new assessments. And do you know what? They didn't like the answers. They actually began to think "even though I'm just the parent, maybe I can actually have a say in how my child is educated". It's a novel idea, but it caught on like wildfire. As for the teachers, well, believe it or not many of them are actually public school parents!! I know, right? Who knew?? And crazy as it sounds, they actually are more concerned about their own children's well being than their jobs! As they are forced to teach sub par test prep material, their first thought is "oh my god, my own children are sitting through this right now". When they proctor a test, they think, "these poor kids" and imagine their own children, three towns over, suffering the same experience.
So don't beat yourself up that your biased, angry, personal attacks are not hitting the mark (and gee wiz, it almost seems like it's giving them more fuel!!). It's not you. It's us. We just can't seem to get the well being of our children out of our heads.


  1. Excellent, pointed response. Thank you Jeannette for speaking out for all our children.

  2. Beautiful. I'm so glad my children escaped before the "test."

  3. So, do you think they'll print it? ;)


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