Thursday, December 31, 2015


àBATs Teaceher Congress this summer in D.C. which included 60+ appointments on Capitol Hill 
àBATs filed an Amicus Brief in the Supreme Court for Friedrichs vs. CTA
àBATs Quality of Work Life Team research project with AFT Research is now written into ESSA Section 2301 N of Title II.  This requires Title II money to be used to study school workplace conditions.
à BATs heralded as a prominent educator activist group by Yahoo News this year
àWe appear on The Rick Smith Show every Monday on #BATsRadio, The Jeff Santos Show every Tuesday for #TeacherTuesday,  Just Let Me Teach, and every fourth Thursday of the month of We Act Radio Education Town Hall.  Please head over  to our website and locate the Radio Shows tab for links to these amazing radio stations
àNY BATs helped to organize an Education Justice Conference in NYC.
àThe BAT NEA caucus had amazing accomplishments this summer at NEA RA in Orlando, FL.  Read about it here 
àBATs continue to form and join coalitions around the country that range from education to social justice issues. 
àMany BATs and BATs main twitter feed got blocked by Campbell Brown's Twitter account
àHaving our comments deleted by TFA and then reposting them elsewhere.
àBATs became a 501c4 and restructured so that we can mobilize more quickly both at the national and state levels.
àA successful Fall Fundraising Campaign that raised double what was needed (and funded our Amicus Brief and ad in the Washington Post Express due to come out Jan. 14th)
àCalling out the NEA and AFT for early endorsement of Hillary Clinton without rank and file input
àHosting and presenting on panels all over the country including at NPE in Chicago, TEACH in DC, NYCORE in NYC,  and RootsCamp in DC.
àOutreach – Startup of some new regional groups like Broward BATs and open fan pages like New York BATs Open Facebook page, NJ BATs Open Facebook Page.  BATs also has twitter feeds in every state and will be launching a new surprise in 2016 on social media!

BATs in the News-2015!

BATs Respond to Arne’s Retreat on Testing

How to get 100% Passing Rate on a Test – Backfill

WA BATs Refuse to Test

Tonight I am informing you that I am a conscientious objector to this test

Response to Arne Leaving Office

Four Seattle Teachers Declare: “We Refuse to Give the Tests”

 We Won’t Get Great Teachers By Treating Them Badly

 California Teachers Association Pres. Looks to the Future

Teachers union demands apology from Chris Christie

Can we interest you in Teaching?

Oregon BATs Protest Pearson
Teacher-led protest against Common Core testing picks an unlikely target

FL BATs Protest Jeb Bush
Florida teachers plan to protest Jeb Bush's education summit 

Following 'testocracy uprising,' White House issues call for limits on time taking tests in classrooms
Using the Restroom: A Privilege—If You’re a Teacher

John Kasich's teacher problem

Pauline Liu: New education chief has her hands full – New York

Campaign for America’s Future: We Won’t Get Great Teachers By Treating Them Badly

How The Big New Education Law Could Cut Testing Time

National teachers union wants feds to study stresses of teaching

The Global Search for Education: Teaching in a Global World

Teachers's organization rallies against over-testing – Washington State

The Teachers Unions Savior?

Survey Reveals That America’s Teachers Are Seriously Stressed Out

How The Big New Education Law Could Cut Testing Time

Are Cleveland schools 'manipulative bullies' over test opt-outs? Or just making sure parents are informed?

Arne Duncan’s Departure: Education Reporters Dig In – National

New York Activists Organize a RoboCall for Opting Out

 Broward BATs - Badass Teachers Association' fed up with teaching to the test

Parents fight back against PARCC testing by opting out in Ohio


For Every Nonprofit: A Labor Day Agenda and Challenge - National

Badass Teachers Association Opposes Common Core - Arizona

Jeb Bush to raise money, discuss education in Tallahassee

Why education activists are furious at ExxonMobil’s CEO

BATs Year in Pictures and Memes - 2015

Our top shared meme for 2015 was created by BAT Meme Team Co-Director Sue Goncarovs. With over 2 million people reached it spreads the message loud and clear - our children are NOT standard!

TN BATs lead and strengthen the union in Shelby County!

WA BATs Becca Ritchie gives Bernie Sanders a BAT Handshake

BATs around the nation joined a 1 day hunger strike to support the Dyett 12

BATs Represent at United Opt Out Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

OHIO BATs Protest Kasich bid for President!

NY BAT Michael Flanagan addresses Educational Justice Conference in NYC

NV BATs take to the Las Vegas strip for a fair contract and public education 

FL BAT Trudy Jermanovich testifies before her BOE

FL BATs protest Jeb Bush Education Summit



Oregon BAT Kathleen Jeskey stands before her BOE as a conscientious objector to testing!

WA BATs Refuse to Test

Oregon and WA BATs lead a protest of Pearson in Oregon

Ohio BATs Protest Kasich Presidential Announcement

NY BATs Protest NY Gov. Cuomo at the NY State Fair

Ohio BATs Gather and Organize for Education 

NV BATs take to the Las Vegas Strip to fight for Education 

BATS Occupy Bernie Sanders Office!

BATs Teacher Congress - Summer 2015

BATs March on DC with Jesse Turner, who walked 400 miles for
kids and education 

MN BATs take to Capitol Hill!

BATs Occupy Bernie Sanders Office to get an appointment or discussion with him.  His education adviser did call BATs Executive Director Marla Kilfoyle after this occupation! 

Hawaii BATs take to Capitol Hill

California BATs take to Capitol Hill

Oregon BATs take to Capitol Hill

Ohio BATs take Capital Hill!

Ohio BATs storm Capital Hill

BATs met with Lamar Alexander's Office

BATs storm Capitol Hill

BATs Quality of Work Life Team meets with the USDOE

Tennessee BATs represent in DC

Marching the last mile with Jesse Turner in DC

BATs Occupy Bernie Sanders Office

Virginia BATs represent in DC

Our Amazing BAT Band performed! 

Youth Dreamers give us all hope

United Opt Out gives an amazing book talk

NY BATs March in DC

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