Thursday, November 12, 2015

Today I received a call...

by Tikeila J. Rucker

Today I received a call from the nurse at Ayden's school. 
Nurse: Mrs. R, Ayden is in the office he's crying and complaining of a headache. Would you like to speak with him to calm him down. 

Me: Sure.

Ayden: Hello.

Me: Hey Man, what's the matter, why are you crying?

Ayden: My head is hurting really bad.

Me: Why is your head hurting? 

Ayden: I was taking the Case 21 Test and I was doing my best but these weren't 3rd grade questions. They were too advanced. 

Me: Did you use you concentrating tablet (chewing gum)?

Ayden: Yes, but it didn't help

Me: Do you want to finish the test?

Ayden: No 

Me: I'm on my way...

Pull up---> I need an Opt Out form for all district/state mandated test.

Principal: We don't have Opt Out forms this year, this is a new test.

Me: Ok, great is this test aligned with the information that he has been taught up to this point. 

Principal: Yes, but it also have information he's going to learn this year. 

Me: Aww Ok, well I need to REFUSE this test and any other district/state mandated test. (My thoughts....If the test that the district/state are requiring the students to take is not being used to accurately assess what the children are being taught, why are they taking them?)--->#P3 #PipelinetoPrison

Principal: I will check on that.

Me: Thanks, will you call me with your findings at ...-....

Principal: (Ring, Ring) Mrs. R, you may Opt Out of all tests, but if he doesn't take the Gateway Reading Test he won't be promoted to 4th grade. 

Me: Thanks. He will participate in the Gateway Reading Test.

In MS K-3 there is only 1 test that the students take that will determine whether they've learned what they need to be promoted to the next grade and that is the Gateway Reading Test.

 #refusetherestofthetest #time2teach #stopthelabels #morethanascore

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