Sunday, July 12, 2015

BAT Leadership Team Talks Presidential Endorsement
On July 11th  the American Federation of Teachers released their endorsement for Hillary Clinton. The Badass Teachers Association is being asked about our endorsement and endorsement process.  BATs is a volunteer education activist organization and is respectful of the election process and our memberships' individual input that must be considered regarding the presidential candidates during election time.

BATs will follow a timeline of careful research.  We will allow issues to unfold  and answers from candidates to questions posed by our membership will drive the organization's decision. Our goal is to have a complete and transparent process.  We will seek input and, IF we choose to endorse a candidate, it will be because we have completely vetted him/her and feel the candidate's education position match the mission and goals of BATs.

We recognize that some of our members want us to endorse NOW, but that would not be prudent at this time as neither candidate has made their position on education clear.  We are relying on our BAT Campaign Committee to advise us on a timeline that will allow for a thoughtful and transparent process for endorsement to take place.  If you have considerable political experience and wish to advise our Campaign Committee please email the BAT managers at

In order for us to include member voices in our process we are going to ask you, once again, to please go to our website and input your email address (use the Mailing List tab at the top). We will be doing our candidate endorsement work via email. Please also, check your email regularly, so you can fill out the BAT endorsement information when it is sent out in late summer/early fall. We will announce it via our Facebook page, Twitter, website, and blog.

Please read our letters to both  Clinton and Sanders published a few months ago

Clinton - SENT IN APRIL OF 2015

Sanders-SENT IN MAY OF 2015


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  1. Neither candidate? There are five Democrats and 17 (?) Republicans running. Is the BATs already narrowing its field?


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