Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Celebrating The BAT Meme Team!!

One of the great hallmarks of BATs are the memes that our amazing meme team puts out on a daily basis.   The 16 volunteers who make up our meme team are amazing, creative, and talented individuals.  Thank you for all your incredible work.  We value your talent and gifts.  We value your dedication and commitment to kids.

Priscilla Sanstead
Brandon Parsons
Sue Cavanaugh
Kelly Braun
Sue Goncarovs
Deb Escobar
Kathie Wing Larsyn
Steve Singer
EJ Savage Kelly
Omar Sangiovanni
Nancy Osborne
Millisa Libey Jaycox
Amy Wolpin
Greg Cruey
Ken Prevti
Lisa Smith

Here is a small sample of their work.  If you would like to see a full sample of BAT memes please visit our Fan page here


Join our closed Facebook group here


On our amazing Pinterest Page

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