Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dear Union Leaders
By:  Melissa Tomlinson, Asst. General Manager BATs

As you know unions are under attack.  They are being accused of not being there for the children, of having their own personal interests at heart, of making deals, and selling out the public. 


            BATs have responded with a #unionstrong campaign.  We want to show everyone what unions have done for the students in the past, through the various protections that have been put in place for the teachers. 

 -        You have fought for class-size restrictions so that the students can have a productive learning environment.

-        You have fought for due process, or “tenure” so that teachers can speak out for what is right and be a voice for the students with less fear of negative effects on their personal employment.

-        You have fought for our pensions in an effort to attract qualified and competent professionals to education.

-        You have paved the way for so many teachers to be able to get support, extra training, and professional development so that we may continue our quest to educate children to the best of our ability.

-        You have fought for safe and proper working conditions that translates into a better learning environment for our students.

-        You have bargained for full-time nurses in our buildings.

-        You provide grants to help support multi-faceted learning opportunities.

-        You play an active role in the community and provide opportunities for teachers to get involved and build the strength of our neighborhoods.

-        You have recognized that we are the last stand protecting students when their parents are not with them.  You have seen that we will put our children first and you have helped us honor our youth.


It is hard to make the public see how the decisions that have been made in the past have actually been for the benefit of their children.  But we, as teachers, called for these with their interest at heart. 

So, please understand, that while BATs are #unionstrong, and we believe in the basic tenets behind unions and their purpose, we will still stand for our  students and we will fight for their rights and for what we feel is best for them, even against you. We will work within our  locals to make changes.  We will fight to change the leadership when we  feel the children are being ignored. We will listen and join with the voices of parents as we unite to fight our common enemies.  Join us, for wherever you go, BATs will be watching, 


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